Integrated phytosanitary pest management – a systems approach

The presence and activity of forest insects can be quantified throughout the year using detailed ecological assessments of forest insect populations.

The aim is to use detailed knowledge of forest insect abundance, landscape and recent forest harvest activity to be able to predict the potential risk of insect presence at any location and at any time. Forest management will play a key role as the forest insects of phytosanitary interest feed on recently dead Pinus radiata. Forest harvesting, pruning and thinning generate most of the available food sources for these insect species.

Scion is gathering information to model forest insect activity to identify the potential for a phytosanitary treatment free period when insect activity is below an acceptable threshold of our trading partners. Using data generated from the project the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) will seek, , approval from trading partners to have the ‘seasonal windows’, when forest insect activity is low, approved for market access.



Hylastes ater adults feeding under bark of Pinus radiata

Arhopalus ferus adult female

Arhopalus ferus adult female